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It takes me to the suspendeddomain site.

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I’m trying to have this domain linked to my other website (, hosted on cloudflare, using a CNAME DNS record.


Your website is working for me.

Can you try clearing your cache?


As you can see in the client area in the yellow banner in the middle of the screen: it can take up to 72 hours for your website to be visible everywhere.

I see you created your website just 12 hours ago. So please have patience, or check this article (also linked to from the client area banner) for workarounds:

Yes, I know that it is working, I was asking if it is possible to make it work with another domain, hosted on cloudflare, currently if you go to the CNAME record that I have set (, it just goes to the suspended page. The main hosted page here works for me as well.

Also, the HTTPS version gives an SSL error, while only the standard HTTP version gives the suspended page.

Any A/CNAME record for this subdomain?

This is what I see


Please make sure to add the subdomain on our end as well. You can do that through the Subdomains menu. If you don’t, our servers don’t know what to do with your domain, and then they redirect you to


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