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Im new here and want to create a hosting account with a custom domain.
But i dont want to set my nameserver to infinityFree, because i dont see a reason for that. Not to mentation that i have a couple of other reasons to keep me DNS Server as they are.

Is there a way to set A record that points to infinityFree and let me choose my custom domain?

Im a bit confused why it is necessary to change the whole DNS Server for such a simple task.
I expected to set a A record, but not to change my whole DNS infrastructure.

Can some one enlight me please?

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You must change the nameservers to connect your domain to your InfinityFree account. Once the domain is added to the account, you can change the nameservers back to what you currently have them set to, then set an A record using the IP address that you are assigned (It will be shown in the client area after the account is created).


Thank you for you response.

Why cant i just set a A record?
What is the matter to change the whole DNS Server?

Is it enough to add a additional nameserver? Or need i to set infinityfree as “the one and only” Nameserver?

Use only IF nameserver!


You can use, cloudflare and set NS records pointing to inifnityfree. Once account is create/ or domain is added, remove the NS records and add A records.

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I get that, thank you very much.

But what i dont understand is the reason why to change the whole DNS Server not just set directly a A record.

Because only after the account is created, your domain/account is assigned a server IP.

Do i get a custom/dedicated IPv4 Address?
Is this not some sort of shared vhost?

this is shared hosting, what were you expecting?

To set a A record and done.

Because then the server does not know what to do. It does not know what files to serve. There are hundreds of accounts on each IP, the server is not going to guess what account the domain belongs to. You need to set the nameservers to connect to your account, then you can use A records.

NEVER mix nameservers. NEVER


I recommend to alert your users about maintenance downtime that will occur in 24 hours, and will last about a day. This will give you plenty of time to move things over, and make sure they work correctly.

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Thanks for clarifying that.

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