Custom domain pointing to default webpage, while default(old) domain pointing to new uploaded webpages

default/old domain →
newly added domain →

I have added another domain to my account then why its showing default webpage of infinityfree?

The image has been edited by the moderator - it contains a sensitive URL inside the address bar

Can you give the url so that we can check?

BTW you gotta copy all your files from htdocs and paste it in>htdocs.


Please read this:

Your website is visible to me, I can see it perfectly fine.




Dude that domain name is so cool.

I thought that was an example… :pensive:

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Thanks, its working fine. I had no idea why it was showing default page. I waited for some minutes and it worked.

PS- That domain name is indeed cool :wink::wink:

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Thanks a lot , its working fine. I waited for some minutes and it worked, don’t know how. TYSM

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