Custom domain hosting problem

There is no eror messages , im a infinityfree user and i have a custom domain ( My domain isn’t working since those 2 days i don’t even know whats going on , it was running and now it looks like the domain doesn’t even exist it just says Cannot access this website

I see this


Please check with your registrar.
Did you forget to verify your domain etc…


it was all up working till 2 days ago

This is clearly not a hosting issue. Check with your domain registrar


That’s because new domain names require the email address to be verified, and stop working after 14 days if the verification is not completed.

The domain name is 17 days old now and stopped working two days ago, which is because the 14 day grace period passed.

I’m very confident that this is the issue, and I’m very confident that this can easily be resolved by your registrar if you check this with them.

Just because your website stopped working doesn’t mean it’s a hosting problem. Domain names can also just stop working for no apparent reason.


Thanks for help

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