Custom 404 For Subdomain not existance

I have Owned a Domain and have its hosting with @infinityfree
and in .HTACCESS I’ve uploaded custom 404
It looks like

It’s only working if some page like doesn’t exist

But If I take some subdomain like doesn’t exist It’s not working
It’s Showing like

But Even I didn’t Upload this I don’t know why It’s coming
Sol Please let me know is there any way to set custom 404 for doesn’t exist looks as

please help me in this…

Use error pages feature in control panel (you can alter for each domains and subdomains too)


Please say where does error pages features present in control panel

Or in advanced section in control panel.


404 error pages, and specifically .htaccess rules do not work across subdomains. They one work on one domain, and one domain only. If you want them to work on other subdomains, you need to create the subdomain in the control panel, then upload the .htaccess file to each new subdomain.

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I’m Ok with that
But If where sub subdomain that does not exist
I want in that case

You can’t do that without access to the server. Please read my above reply about how .htaccess works.

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If you want to show a custom page on non-existent subdomains, you’ll have to find a hosting service that allows wildcard subdomains and setup the parking page there. Then, in your DNS at Go Daddy, you can point the subodmain * to that hosting service.

And if you just don’t want to see the parking page people see right now, you can delete the current DNS CNAME record for * and people will see a DNS error instead of this parking page.

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