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I have an issue with cURL querying:{$nip}. So far there wasn’t any problem, but from some time now I have got an Error:Could not resolve host: I didn’t make any changes in my code. The token is good, there is no problem with

Another issue is with getting response from: No response at all.

I don’t have these problems in my local server using AMPPS or another web server. But I really like InfinityFree, so I wouldn’t like to move from this server. Please help! :slight_smile:

Please read


Thank you for answer.
Yes, I’ve already found it. But everything worked until now, so I’m surprised by this change. Around 1 month ago there was no problem. Do you have any idea where this change came from?

There was/is no change. That’s how the system works from starting


The browser validation system is completely unrelated to your issue. It only applies if something somewhere else tries to consume something from your website as an API, it doesn’t apply at all when your website is trying to consume APIs from elsewhere.

In particular, it seems that the domains from these APIs cannot be found from our servers. I don’t know why, so I have asked someone else to investigate, but it’s entirely possible that this is a new issue that appeared recently.


Sorry for the delay. The issues should be fixed now.

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