cURL error 77: Problem with the SSL CA Cert Path. Plugin Update and Download Failed

Goodday Admin,
I have a free hosted site http;//
But then anytime i try to download a plugins from wordpress it tells the above stated error. I have removed the so stated errors and i was planing to link with cloudflare after i complete the configuration of the website but this error keeps bugging me.
How do i solve it please?

Correction the site url is
No ssl certificate is installed and yet i still get this error. Please kindly help with this

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 77: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /home/vol14_6/ CApath: none

Please can i get a response on how to fix the above problem @Admin @OxyDac
It is preventing me from doing a lot of things on my website

I have checked your account, and it looks like the referenced file does not actually appear to exist on your account. Can you please try uploading that file from a clean WordPress archive.

Also, please note that this issue is not related to the SSL status of your website. This issue is a problem of your website’s code connecting to other SSL protected websites, rather than the SSL protection of your website itself.

Good day, thank you for your response, please where do I get that file that I’m meant to upload and moreover, I do not know which file I’m supposed to upload for that matter. Please kindly help with that. Thank you


The error message reports that cURL is looking for a file at But if you check the folder in a file manager, you will find it’s empty.

You can try to fix this by downloading a fresh copy of WordPress, go to the wordpress/wp-includes/certificates/ folder in the zip file, and upload the file in there to the empty folder in your account.

Alternatively, you could do this (in case other files are missing as well):

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