Curl error 52: Empty reply from server


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Curl error 52: Empty reply from server

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I am making a game using unity (C#) and currently trying to get a response from the server.
I create a very simple .php script that I uploaded here using FTP
the php script as shown in screenshot only displays a simple message
I am trying to execute the request through a web request from within unity

Can I use InfinityFree to interact with a database and simply executes php scripts to handle databases?
I have tried many things but always end up with this empty response from the server…
Whenever I go to the link however the message is shown, like it displays just fine
So, is the problem coming from the fact that I am trying to execute it from outside the web? Meaning an external app?

This is what I am trying to get from my app:

I believe the problem you are running into is a direct cause of this.


Sorry, but you cannot do that here. We are a website hosting service, not a file hosting service.


Thank you so much guys I believe that would be the issue :slight_smile:

Will buy a subscription somewhere else! Was trying to use infinity free for trials before paying some website

Have a great evening!

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