Curl Error 35 on wordpress

I thought it is due to curl outdated version.
So please update my curl version.

can you share your website’s link?

Could you please share the full error??

What did the full error log stated? Is it about the WP Rest API or about SSL handshake error? Please provide us some necessary information.

Meanwhile you can check this thread that might be related to your issue:

If it is about the REST API (if you’re using WordPress) check this:


There is two errors in Site health cause by curl error 35

  1. Rest API encountered an error
  2. Your site could not complete loopback request

My website is

Just as what I thought. Your problem is not because cURL is outdated.

Rest API does not work here and is not supported. The WordPress Rest API is blocked here by the security system.

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for more info:


Resolve this error
Your site could not complete loopback request

Seems like that error is also related with your cURL 35 error and the Rest API which the security system is probably responsible for generating that error as well (?).

I installed wordpress on my website . I set up cloudflare ssl on it successfully.
Really simple ssl plugin show me a error that is-
![warning|50x50] The mixed content fixer could not be detected due to a cURL error: cURL error 35: Peer reports it experienced an internal error. . cURL errors are often caused by an outdated version of PHP or cURL and don’t affect the front-end of your site. Contact your hosting provider for a fix
One more error in site health - Your site could not complete loopback request that is caused by same (curl error 35)

It is different to Rest API
Resolve My issue

Do you know if something is actually broken or is it just the Site Health plugin that’s complaining? Because if it’s the latter, you can just remove the plugin and live happily and error free.

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You are facing that kind of problem because you just enabled the Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTP rewrites from Cloudflare dashboard. (Same as mine before). So in order to fix, disable those options from Cloudflare, and then simply install a Really Simple SSL plugin from Wordpress.

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Not working

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