Curious about XVHost

Hello everyone,

I’ve known about XVHost for a while now, it’s the premium hosting owned by Admin, before they started promoting iFastnet so much.

However, I notice that the deal you get is actually really good:

Just 3.45/month gets you all that? That’s less money than iFastNet (barely), but it appears to offer just as much, if not more. That’s an amazing deal! And it’s cPanel, which is always a plus.

Admin, in 2022, would you recommend your own premium hosting? You stopped advertising it, and the home page (also the only page on the whole website) is looking a bit dated, but it’s still up and (apparently) functioning!

Surely there have to be some hidden limits, right? If you stopped advertising this so much…? There doesn’t seem to be many specs

Also, just curious, is this using your own infrastructure, or is it a reseller service? I’d assume it’s some Hostinger reseller or Hosting24 since it has Zyro website builder, which is owned by them

Thank you!

An old reply from admin seen here: Which one is the paid hosting now here? iFastnet or XVHOST?

Yes, we also own XVHOST and we used to refer people to that brand. However, XVHOST has been put on the back burner and we’re working more closely with iFastNet now for practical reasons. XVHOST is a legacy service now, we’re supporting the customers still on there and not much else.

If you would like to support us, please upgrade to iFastNet instead. Be sure to use the links in the control panel or our website, so iFastNet can track you came from us. Their service is a lot better than XVHOST right now.


I’ve read that, but, let’s say I actually wanted to buy XVhost:

I want to know what exactly is being offered by XVHost. It honestly seems a bit too good to be true. iFastNet might be better (and I own it, so I know how good it is (it’s really good, would recommend)), but I want to know the limitations of XVhost and why it’s worse. The plan description in XVHost makes it seem as if it were better than iFastNet (Unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, a website builder that actually works, unlike Kopage).

And also:

Thank you for your response, regardless

No. Please don’t buy it. Just go with iFastNet, you’ll spend a few pennies more for a much better service.

The servers are slow and unreliable and the limits on things like CPU usage are like 2-3 times as high on iFastNet as they are on XVHOST.

Also, iFastNet usually responds within 10 minutes to support requests, whereas with XVHOST it’s usually 24-48 hours.

And if there is an actual hosting issue, I need to take that up with Hostinger, which also tends to be a quite slow and painful experience.

It’s a reseller service from Hostinger. It’s almost zero maintenance which is why I haven’t pulled the plug yet.

Where do you see Zyro though? The old integrated Zyro builder was removed years ago. I think I removed all the Zyro references from the site. Did I miss any?


I remember it being on the homepage a while back ago, but there is still an article on it in the knowledgebase:

“FTP Error (as admin)” from Zyro - Knowledgebase - XVHOST

Anyway, thanks for your answer! It’s unfortunate that InfinityFree no longer offers direct premium hosting, but I guess it confuses a lot of users, and nothing really beats iFastNet in terms of reliability and price.

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