Css on tablet not working

The actual css on tablet is not working but it is working in the chrome extension… Must we use any hard reset button on the tablet? I know that for chrome, we have to use ctrl F5

I really need some assistance with this media query as it is working great with chrome extension

Is your tablet a Tablet PC? Then clear cache and cookies from your website by pressing Ctrl and F5.

What do you mean by a tablet pc? It is just a regular tablet but not sure of the model… It is a samsung galaxy tab but there is no F5 option

So you need to clear cookies and cache from the browser settings.
A Tablet PC is a tablet that has the functions a normal PC has.

but there is no F5 option though… which is weird but is the chrome extension accurate? It looks good on chrome extension though

The function keys are only available on all PCs, not smartphones or tablets.

I have deleted all cache but still having the same problem

how it’s not working? example that gives you without css?

It is strange to describe it but doesn’t look right on my tablet… Not sure if it is just my tablet or something else but it is looking right on chrome… I guess that the tablet and ipad have the same width of 1024px?

Just found out that the galaxy tab has a different width compared with ipad

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Has anyone tried the ipn paypal recently? It just hasn’t been working…

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