Css not working


I am currently making a website and made a “coming soon” page. Here is the link:
My code works fine locally but when I upload it to File Manager and I try to see it through my website, the CSS and images seems not to load. Here is the link: www.neptuno.be
Here is how the website looks like for me:

Only the js and HTML docs seem to load when I open the “sources” on my website. I am doing this on Chrome and I tried to do it on Edge as well, but it still did not work,
even though I have uploaded all the CSS files and images on the file manager:

I have to finish this for tomorrow, it is quite urgent.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Here is how it should look (and how it looks locally):

Hi and welcome to the forum

js and css directories are missing and the necessary files within them

Please upload all required content (files and directories).

We recommend the use of this FTP client
(because monstaFTP sometimes knows not to do the job when uploading multiple files )


That worked! Thank you so much.


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