CSS not loading on site

The CSS on my site (https://tokenhut.xyz) WONT load. The CSS files has been uploaded to the file manager. The CSS works on my local but doesn’t show up when uploaded. I have already cleared my cache but I dont think that’s the problem, anyone know how to fix this?

Is this right?

Note that computer, network, or ISP cache could also be the issue.


Nope. It’s supposed to look like this

Can you share the code that is calling the CSS file, as well a screenshot of the files location?

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There is no “css” folder in assets, only a “bootstrap” folder.

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Oh, so what do I do to fix my problem?

You can just add a “css” folder in assets and add the styles.css file there.
If it dosen’t appear after, try clearing your browser’s cache


The styles.css is already in the css file in assets

You need to upload that folder to your website’s server via FTP or the file manager.


Wow, that worked. Thanks for your help!


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