CSS, JS and images are not loaded

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CSS, JS and images are located in an assets folder. If I call the link to the respective data directly (http://climb-loetschen.great-site.net/assets/css/styles.css), I can view the css file. however, it is not loaded on the website.

AI see you Aare loading five stylesheets have you tried with the last one only ?

You are trying to load the styles file incorrectly.
The system tries to load http://climb-loetschen.great-site.net/climb-loetschen.great-site.net/assets/css/styles.css, however the URL is http://climb-loetschen.great-site.net/assets/css/styles.css, so it won’t load.
Remove that second climb-loetschen.great-site.net and you should be good to go!


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