CSS isn't working on my website

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There is no error message. The CSS doesn’t seem to be rendering

Other Information

Has anyone an idea on how to fix this?

Hey there, try adding a forward slash before the css link path.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/style.css">



Very simple. In your code, you appear to refer to style.css, but when the browser tries to load it, it says it doesn’t exist. This means that you have either incorrectly named it in the code or you named the stylesheet incorrectly.


It seems that your file either does not exist with the name you provided or in a default path. Have you put it in a folder?

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Yesterday I uploaded the css file on the general directory (same as the html). But today it was gone. I re-uploaded it now and I added the suggested forward sash, but it is still not working. Any other suggestions, please?

How big is your CSS file? Make sure to simply name it as style.css and nothing else.

Clear your cache, it works fine for me. It should work even without the slash.


The css file is 4KB.

It’s not working for :sweat_smile:

That’s strange. I tried two different DNS resolvers on Chromium and even hopped on Tor, and it works fine for me.


It works on Chrome, not on edge that’s strange

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Thank you so much to everyone, that got resolved!

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