CSS files not shown on my website

CSS files not shown on my website when i upload it on ftp

Hello there,

Could you provide more necessary information regarding your issue? Could you also explain about what part in your website is your CSS not shown like what do you mean exactly?

Also make sure that you’ve uploaded your CSS file in the “htdocs” folder. Make sure that your HTML (Or whatever you’re using) is linked to your CSS file like this (for HTML):

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="yourcssfile.css">

Could you also be specific next time, and give us your link and more additional information.

i have already done this but i still have the problem :frowning:

So could you elaborately explain more regarding your issue?? Like what did you do? Any screenshots of how your site looks like on your end and how it should look like? Also what’s your site URL? so we can check it on our end to check it for ourselves.

the website URL: afrzstudio.epizy.com

the website should have been like this

I checked your code:
Annotation 2020-06-28 073154

And your CSS file foes not exist to the path you specified in your code, your CSS file should be in “afrzstudio.epizy.com/index.css” base on your code. Make sure to upload your “index.css” file inside the “htdocs” folder and do not put it inside any subdirectories inside the “htdocs” folder or if you want to then you will need to edit your code to have the correct path.


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