CSS donts works

Hello, a few days ago I created a web page. I really like that everything is neat so I put a subdomain called flies.(Name).ga

In the index.html I put:
<link rel =" stylesheet "href =" http: // files.(Name).ga/web-data/css/masterIndex.css">

The first time it worked for me but the next time if I made changes in the css and updated the page, the changes did not appear or they worked a lot to appear after updating the page several times.

Hello, here is the version that I would use.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://files.(name).ga/web-data/css/masterIndex.css" />

Make sure there aren’t any spaces :slight_smile:

Do you mean that effects are still same with old style? If yes then clear your cache.


Clear your browser cache, force refresh your page (CTRL + F5) (recommended), or make a version every time your CSS changed:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://files.(Name).ga/web-data/css/masterIndex.css?v=123">

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Our hosting blocks hotlinking, which means that files hosted by us are only usable from that exact same domain.

So any CSS, scripts images and so on on files.$example.ga are only usable on files.$example.ga, and not on $example.ga or any other domain.

Please just upload all the files of your website to the htdocs folder of that website.


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