Css doesnt load

So my website doesnt load my css, it doesnt show blue background and the website is https://secrety.jeejee.cf/ , so is there any fixes or it is my problem?

You will need to fix the link tag’s rel attribute on the index file, as you misspelled “stylesheet” there.


Don’t make multiple posts (Css doesnt update)

When I update the css it doesnt show in the website? I made everything center

I dont see any css in https://secrety.jeejee.cf/Juha/style.css

I see

Theres is style in file manager

Money (cache)

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i seen only
body {
background: blueviolet;
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;

you shouldn’t reply to me :confused:

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works with u tho, but with me its not.

Browser cache?

Cleared havent worked

Remember that browsers cache static files. These are

  • CSS files
  • JavaScript files
  • Images

I disabled cache, and still aint working, now in my phone its not working too, thinking its network or just blocking smth

VPN time

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Your css works for me

im not using vpn

Maybe your network is caching.
So he told you to try with a VPN

oHH ok I will