CSS and Images not linking

WEBSITE: leocitrintrials.rf.gd

I’m trying to upload a website and have a few files. HTML, CSS and an Images folder. When I upload all these files into the File Manager/ htdocs and then preview the website there is an issue. It looks like Infinity Free is only referencing the index HTML file I uploaded and disregarding the CSS file. All the formatting is completely messed up and it looks like an HTML file would look if it didn’t have it’s style guide. I have that the code isn’t the issue. When I preview the HTML file, it works.
If someone else is having or has had this issue and knows how to fix it, your help would be much appreciated.

What issue?

I do not see it

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Your site currently displays InfinityFree’s welcome page. What is the URL of the HTML file where this is happening?