CronJob issues

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We found a problem on your site:

  • The following cron job must be added to your cPanel account:

Run every minute: /usr/bin/php -f /home/vol1_8/ > /dev/null 2>&1

After this issue is corrected, you should be able to access the store within a few minutes.

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i have installed the cron job in the c panel area + the one in my account before i get to the c panel isnt working for my membership site

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Username epiz_33299377 Website

also get this werid error when i put them in


You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

You may be able to set up the cron job here, but you will need to make some changes to the command to make it work.

The instructions provided by your website provide a system command to use. However, our Cron Jobs are technically “web crons”, meaning they call a URL on your website. You can’t use system commands with our cron jobs.

Give that the script is called runcrons.php, you should be able to trigger it with our cron jobs by providing the URLruncrons.php. The rest of the command provided are just boilerplate to make it work as a system cron.

Also, I strongly recommend to use the Cron Jobs tool in the client area, not in the control panel. The scheduling on that one is much more predictable and it logs the output of the cron jobs so you can see when it ran and what it did.


how would i create the cron url

option 1 — Free Web Hosting with PHP and MySQL - InfinityFree
option 2 —

i got it working thanks used option 2

Don’t include htdocs as part of the file path, that leads to a 404 error.


thank you my script support said i need to use this command with the cronjob

wget -O /dev/null

how would i achieve this

Please see Admins post above.


ok got them working is there away to downgrade php version to 5.6

No, free hosting comes with PHP 7.4.8 only


do your upgraded plans include 5.6 etc

Premium hosting includes PHP version selector.
So switching PHP versions is possible
Please consider upgrading to that


great when thanks when its time to consider adding the feature def will

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