Cron jobs not working

I have a cron job setup to run every 2 minutes and it’s not run and it’s been 10 minutes. I can go to the exact URL I gave it and it will run

Additional information: job completes in 2 seconds

Can you set to 1 hr 2 min?


Which account and cron job URL are you talking about? It’s a lot easier to check why a cron job doesn’t work if you tell us right away which cron job doesn’t work.

The cron settings are weird and confusing though.


That should have all the necessary information

I have checked the cron URL you placed, but it appears your website forces HTTPS on all requests, but doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. This would prevent the cron tool from reliably accessing the script in question.

Please consider either excluding the cron from the HTTPS redirect or fixing the SSL certificate.

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