Cron jobs Not Working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I set up two cron jobs (see photo below)

If the cron jobs work correctly, there won’t be error messages on my homepage.

If I activate these two php programs by hand (use url of the two pages), they work correctly.

How to check whether my cron jobs are activated or how to find problems about it?

Also @anon19508339 has this problem:

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I’ve read that post and thus you can see that both of the cron jobs are scheduled in mins and hours. (Hour: 0)

But the 10 minute cron still not working.

So, there might be a problem of cron jobs handling, as 5 minute or less ones are working fine. I think that is to be reported to iFastNet.

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I change my 10 min cron to 5 min and it works. Thanks~ )^o^(


It seems that’s not carefully reported to Ifastnet staff. No idea if can i report this or not.

Hope they notify about this issue.

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