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i cannot be able to add this cron job (wget -q -O /dev/null “” > /dev/null 2>&1)

You can only use URLs

hi can you explain more about urls

You cannot add that into the CRON jobs panel. You can only add URLs (

A cron job calls a file (Generally a PHP one) to run.

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thank you, i appreciate but i have basic knowledge in php commands, can you tell me how to make the php file

Wait, so do you know how to code in PHP or not?

What are you trying to do with a Cron Job?

i bought a script from code canyon and i am supposed to run the command so my script updates and fetch new items from rss

Can you share a link to this script?

here is the link InBefore - News Aggregator with Search Engine by MirazMacStudios | CodeCanyon

As @Greenreader9 said, our cron tool can only be used to call URLs, not system commands.

Fortunately, your cron job executes the command wget, which calls URLs. So we should be able to convert that command into something that works here.

The URL being called by wget is

So by removing the first part of the URL, you should be able to add a cron job with the value /runtasks?token=123974460089f349ca2e, which should do the exact same thing as the prescribed command does.


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