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how to set cron job which not exceeds the CPU limit. ( the best values for cron job in minutes and hour).
because I don’t want to suspension of 24 hours.

This depends on what your using it for. If your Cron Job is “pinging” a file with a large amount of PHP, then you are going to go over the limits quickly. If the file your “pinging” has a small amount, it is unlikely you will go over the limits.

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I am using for wp automatic plugin

A cron job does not cause high CPU usage, only PHP scripts do. If you believe a cron job is causing your high CPU usage, then either the code running through the cron job should be optimized, or maybe you can run the cron job less frequently.


I set cron job for every 59 minutes in 3 hours still its using above 50 percent cpu for wp automactic plugin.

So? Apparently, it’s still too often for the type of script you’re using.

Just a note about the cron configuration (which is a bit hard to understand): if you enter 59 minutes and 3 hours, then it will execute once per hour, and another time at the third hour. If you want it to execute only once per three hours, then leave the minute selector empty.


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