Cron job runs only once

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No error mesage, simply cron runs only once!

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Have two cron jobs scheduled every two minutes (min=2 hour=0 and have tried min=2 hour=1). Both run very similar scripts and run in about 1 sec. Both used to run fine at the scheduled interval of 2 minutes. One of them recently “disappeared” from the list of jobs. When I add it again, it runs exactly ONCE: 2 minutes after it’s added but never runs again. Not erred or timed out, as it remains in the list. What gives?

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LOL. How does this help?..

Because I have seen many other topics like this one before and pretty sure they have been solved.

And still not the case! Yes, I searched and tried every “solution” in the topics you refer to. Had you actually read my post, you’d realized I have already done those “solutions”.

You never said that. @YT_Xaos is trying to help, and what he posted, is the exact same thing that I would. Please read the posts and give us specifics about what you don’t understand. For example, if you read the posts, you should have found that setting it to 0hour generally doesn’t work. Please use the link posted above, and search the form before creating a new topic.

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