cron job at a specified time


Is there a posssibility, to set up a cron job, which would start everyday at exactly the same time?
Currently I only see in the cPanel, that one can set an interval (up to 23 hours 59 minutes), but no setting for a precise time.

Yes, it’s not possible to specify an exact time for the cron jobs. The reason for that is that people tend to set up all their cron jobs at midnight or at the whole hour, which would create big peaks in server load at those times. With just the intervals, we can schedule the cron jobs ourselves to make sure websites won’t suffer because of them.

If you need fine grained control over when your cron jobs are executed, I’m afraid you will have to upgrade.

Ok, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people, who need to run a job at midnight. Because it’s a hobby project, I’ll just search for some other hostings, but good to know, that you do answer questions and do it quite fast :slight_smile:

… or I’ll use an external cron site and use InfinityFree as a hosting platform, since I very like the other parameters like diskspace, bandwidh or number of DBs (though, I certainly not gonna use even a small fraction of that).
I just hope, that it’s ok to use InfinityFree as a place, where will be a link, which will be invoked by a cron job, a db with some data collected via the cron job and via a GreaseMoneky/TamperMonkey script, a backend to that script and a small webpage associated with the script and the collected data.

On some servers with limited cron feature, or the webmasters want to manage cron jobs with easier to use interface, external cron site like EasyCron could be an option.