Critical issue with uploading limits from many other users


When many other users are trying to upload videos to the platform, they notified the admins of the website who notified me that everyone had the exact same error message when uploading that said that, “Your server max upload size is: 10M, means you can’t upload files that are larger than: 10M
If you want to increase the limit or If you can’t upload large files, go to Admin Settings > Settings > Site Settings > Max upload size and increase the value, if you still can’t upload large files, please contact your host provider and let them increase the upload limit and max_execution_time.”

I am aware on how to change the PHP configs to increase the upload limit but it said something like 100MB, but It says the maximum upload size is 10MB and when I try to upload, for example, 41MB zip archives, it reaches its maximum upload limit. I need to fix this problem desperately because so many users are asking about it and are starting to get a bit impatient. Can someone please help it would be greatly appreciated.

Script: PlayTube v. 1.7

I will also link an image/screenshot of the error that is visible for admins on the site.


You can’t set new PHP values on free hosting; they’re set to their default values to prevent abuse. Also, video hosting scripts are not allowed on free hosting.


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