Critical error

This morning i tried to open my wpadmin and saw the message showing on the screen " Briefly unavailable due to scheduled maintanace. Check back in a minute".
And i refreshed my site after a minute and got this error. " There has been a critical error on this website"

I cheked our community forum regarding this and i tried renaming plugin in filemanager. But it didnt work.
Still my website is down .
Please help with this regard.

Website :

Read below


It seems it didnt work. Still the site is down

What did you do?


is not helpful at all


I didnt get an installation error that you have mentioned above.

This was the error i got. Then i tried to rename plugins and themes . nothing worked.

Then as mentioned in the article above i tried enabling the debug mode and refreshed the page.
I got a long list of errors.

as said before THERE IS NO text like wpcontent/plugins and themes.All the error was wp-includes.

See this


and this


Any difference???

No one can help you if you do not bother to read

Based on

You most likely need to do this


Your website seems to be working for me.

Has KangJL solved your problem?


I manually uploaded the wordpress update as mentioned above in the article.
Its resolved.The site is back. But, the plugins were deleted. That wsa the only problem.But i reinstalled everthing.

Most likely because you did this

Critical error you encountered was most likely due to WP update gone wrong.
Try to disable auto-update to prevent future occurance


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