Critical Error when using WP MAIL SMTP

I want to use my Gmail SMTP to send emails to my clients who book an appointment but as InfinityFree has banned email services, I was thinking of using an external SMTP server to send emails but when I use WP MAIL SMTP to send a test email, it shows an error message, “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” What is causing the problem and how should I fix it?

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Php mail() is only blocked, you can use GMAIL Smtp service.

Yes I am using GMAIL SMTP only. Still the problem persists.

I have done all the required procedures for connecting, creating and setting up the Gmail SMTP Server in Google Console. Still I am not able to get it working.

Can you give a screenshot of the error Please!

Pinging a WP Professional

@allroundernaman Please look into this topic!

Yes. Here it is.

did you try updating WP in admin panel?

If yes then,SOLUTION: WordPress Critical Error after updating it
or update in Softaculous

No. It is on WordPress 5.5 already. I selected 5.5 when i installed WordPress from Softalicious.

Well,Installation failed: There has been a critical error on your website - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

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See, I am not in any way updating WordPress. I am just using the plugin to send email and that is when that error comes up. Is there any way to test if the WordPress installation is ok or not?

the plugin may have crashed,so read the full article

Deactivating a broken plugin

If a plugin installation has been corrupted, the first thing to do is to disable the broken plugin.

If your WordPress admin area is still working, you can deactivate the plugin from there. If that’s an option, deactivating the plugin from there is the easiest option.

If your WordPress admin area is now broken, you will have to deactivate the broken plugin by hand. You can do so as follows:

  1. Login to an FTP client of your choice or our web based file manager (found in the client area and control panel).
  2. Navigate to your WordPress plugins folder. This is typically htdocs/wp-content/plugins for your first domain, and for addon domains and subdomains.
  3. Find the folder of the broken plugin (it should resemble the name of the plugin).
  4. Right click the folder and select “Delete”.

After this, your WordPress website and admin area should be accessible again.

Yes. Another plugin is causing problem. Will the SMTP plugin work if I uninstall that plugin which is causing problems?

yup,it should work!,
Do mark as solution!

Sorry. Still not solved. Getting the same error.

maybe try deleting wp mail also

Site and other plugins are working fine. This only happens when I test sending an email.

Should I clean install a lower version of WordPress?

yeah, remove wp mail plugin and reinstall it.


Done. Still not working. Reinstalled WP Mail SMTP plugin. :worried: