Critical error on wordpress? How would I solve it?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: While using wordpress, when i go to theme editor to enable the google ad, it says critical error on wordpress. It does open theme editor in appearance section. Kindly help me!!!

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

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To fix that error, maybe try to read this article first:


Hello I just joined this past week.

Today I logged in like normal and the admin page was telling me to update word press which I did now I am having this ridiculous problem that states as follows

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

All I was doing was trying to update the system as it was telling me. I was going to spend some time working on some very important things I had to do and cannot login into word press what so ever. I have looked up this problem and people have stated this happens when the update is pushed through as stated here in this youtube video.

I do not have access to the email and have tried everything. How can fix this asap. Please let me know

Have you tried manual installation?

Hey man thanks for the reply.

Manual instalation of word press.

I was in my admin page it said to upload the latest version of Word press which I had the one from 3 days ago when I installed then and now I am facing this problem that I cant even login into my admin page.

So if you can please help me man I would very much appreaciate I really Am stuck dont know what to do now. I even already went into the control panel and renamed the plugin floder as this video shows but it wont not allow me to login into word press to get back into the admin.

Okay, so you need to get both the plugins and wordpress(ignore the wordpress if you already updated it) in their zip files. Extract the files and upload them to the correct place. If the critical error persost, but you have nothing important, then do a clean install and retry the manual installation of the plugin.
This should also help.


How can I do any of that if I cant even login to the admin page. Even if I could I have not done that before I would not trust my self to do this amount of work. What I dont understand agian why the hell would they put out an update that would cause this type of error to bring people pages down and not allow them to login again.

Is there a way to just start over but again how would I do that without being able to login into the admin page.

Would I just start from scratch and open a new infintyfree account with new email. I did not have really anything loaded on my word press yet. That is what I going to start today. Also how can I let support now about this because I am sure if this happened to me its going to be happening to anyone that would have done an update. This is why I hate cant stand updates most of the time they just create new problems.

Let me know what is the best solutions as I have spent more than 5 hours today dealing with this man

OK Now I am really getting frustrated

I decided to make a new website account which I did go through it exactly I did last time on this youtube video and work no problems.

I created a new domain installed softaculous than went to install word press and when I saved the page and now this the image I am getting when I go to my what the hell is going on there serious what the hell

I had to just put in screen shot of the youtube video now it would not allow me to post youtube video link what the hell is going on here

Okay, so do you have anything important? If not, delete the entire wordpress. Then get the latest wordpress version (in a ZIP file). Extract the files, and then upload it. Then visit the installation page to get the installation process started. If you want any plugins, get the correct ZIP file for the plugins, extract, then upload.

Hey man any way we can speak on the phone. What I posted now was new page manager and I was having that problem. If there is any you can pm me your number or somewhere I can reach out to you. This all just getting to explosion point for me.

You can message me, but you can receive more help if you just kept the conversation in this topic. I don’t know everything, obviously.

OK good news I finally was able to get into my admin page. So my next question is I have my word press back up saved file. But I do not see anywhere I can restore my entire website where would I find that because I also looked in the plugin market place and cant find any application that will restore the entire website I have saved on backup word press file.

You need to download the site itself.

I have it downloaded on word press file backup already how do I restore onto the new page admin page I created?

So delete the wordpress installation, then if you already have the new wordpress ZIP file downloaded, extract the zip file, then upload the files.

Maybe I’m too late to the party. But if a WordPress site is broken entirely (not just a plugin or theme), then this article may be useful too:


Sorry man I have never done restore from wp backup file. Why would I delete the wordpress on admin website It needs the plug in to be able to upload the restore back up file doesnt it?

And this is one of the reasons why we recommend against using backup plugins. It’s not just that the creation of the backup itself uses a ton of server power and can easily break due to the limits of free hosting. It’s also that restoring such a backup can run into the exact same issues, just worse.

If you’re lucky, the WordPress backup file is an archive you can just extract to get a regular copy of your files and database, which you can import manually.

If you’re unlucky, it uses some custom file format which requires a special plugin to be used. It doesn’t mean your data is lost, but you’ll truly learn that “one click backup” doesn’t necessarily mean “one click restore” too.

You can install a local PHP/MySQL setup with XAMPP, WampServer, Docker or another platform of your choice. Then, you can install WordPress on it, install the backup plugin and restore the backup there. Your own computer should have fewer restrictions than our servers.

After that, you can migrate the WordPress installation from your own computer to your hosting account. This article explains more about it:

This may be a bit of a challenge, so I hope that this tells you:

  • Why we always recommend against using backup plugins.
  • A backup is only a backup if you’ve verified you can restore it successfully.

same here