Critical Error on Website after Updating Wordpress

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There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

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Last night, I was updating Wordpress to v5.5, but then my laptop got shutdown itself to update the Windows. Now, when I visited my website, all I see is critical error.

I uploaded the Wordpress manually using this guide How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation - Docs - InfinityFree Forum and even did this guide How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation - Docs - InfinityFree Forum but when I edited the WP_DEBUG to true, then refresh my website there is no error message to identify the broken plugins or themes.

And also, I was going to edit site admin email because the existing one isn’t active but I decided to update the Wordpress first.

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Hope an expert see this topic soon

Hi, How did you update wordpress, did you do it manually? And if so what proccess did you take.

Manually. First I did it via Wordpress Updates on wp-admin, then that “There has been critical error on your website” shows up. I thought it was in maintenance. But this morning, my website still the same. So I update it again manually via FTP Client

Ok, Well it is impossible to do an update through the wordpress dashboard, as the update files are above the 10mb max, So this comes down to the fact that you have probably replaced a file you shouldn’t have, or not replaced a file you should have when you did the FTP update

Oh, I didn’t know that. I followed this guide How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation - Docs - InfinityFree Forum which says to Overwrite all things.

What should I do now?

I’m not a Wordpress expert, I code, But i imagine you should have to reinstall wordpress

I didn’t take a backup action before this happens. I’m gonna lose all my content, right?

Actually, What plugins do you have? It might be a plugin corrupting something.

Alx Extension, Astra, Elementor, Header Footer for Elementor, Meta Box, Regenerate Thumbnails (inactive), Wordfence, WP Page Navi

Can you try and rename each plugin folder, one by one, to see if there are any plugins which are bust?

Okay, so I’ll just have to rename one plugin folder, refresh the website, right? And then do that again for the next folder

Yeah, But remeber to save the original names somewhere, when you want to change it back.

I did what you said, nothing happens

I did that. Didn’t work

Ok, I can safely assume that it is probably [either] a misplaced file or a deleted file. In that case, The only thing i can think of is to re-install, however I checked and posts are stored in the wp_posts section, so go into PHPMyAdmin, copy all the data from wp_posts and re-install.

Actually, I happened to create a backup. It was when .gd went down. I created a backup of htdocs folder and .sql. Does .sql include wp_posts?

If no, I want to restore the posts and pages with their own existing comments. Should I also copy wp_comments?

Yes, and no .sql is just a file. wp_posts is in wordpress mysql database

See this @DimasRicky