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after I deleted bp better messages plugin due to findin it it was hogging server cpu, few of my uers complained of seeing a crtical error but thing is that only happens when ? is removed from the url. by defualt when someone visits the page they get ?i=1 or ?i=2 at end of url if they are in desktop and something like ?amp if they are on mobile just to give a little more context
does it have to do with recent bugs with websites with certain IPs down?

Do this??

nothing changed

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That article isn’t that relevant, it mostly refers to problems installing plugins, not the whole site giving that error.

I see you’ve enabled debug mode in WordPress because I see an error message now. Seems like something in your website is using too much memory?

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how can I clear up memory then/resolve the issue?

Remove plugins, themes, disable auto-updates, create a cron job to load your site every 1hr 2min.

Tried doing that but got nothing

You didn’t have time to do that. Disable a plugin or two, wait 24 hours for things to reset and try again. Nothing is instantaneous in the world of the internet.

my users reported seeing this error
what can I do to fix it?

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how do I find the php script hogging memory?

Guess and check. There is no way to find out (Well maybe if you compare the specs of each plugin… but that takes too long)

Trial an error? Just start disabling plugins and switching themes until the problem goes away?

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umm looks like the website redirects to the suspended domain page. Read this to fix the issue:

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or

my users reported this

so I thought there was a problem with the wp-config file
so I tried fixing information in the wp config file but got an error of establishing database connection. me frustrated decided to delete the wp-config file and upload an backup but got this
(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Error Message

what do I do?

This is what I see

I merged your topics. Please do not keep creating new topics about your WordPress site not working and running out of memory.

Like we said:

I guess it’s not the answer you had hoped for, but unfortunately it’s probably the only valid one.

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@PsyNyaNade, backup your posts etc. and try re-installing WordPress. Or read this guide on wp-config.php: Editing wp-config.php |

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