Critical Error after wordpress update to 5.6

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There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

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After multiple attempts at updating wordpress to version 5.6 I managed to start the automatic updat this evening, left the computer a few hours and when I returned I got the above mentioned message. I cannot access the dashboard nor I have recieved any mail to understand where the problem might be.

I found a suggestion online regarding the plugins, but they appear to be deactivated on PHP. I tried to check the logs for errors but they are empty - (Control panel/Online file manager/Softaculus/Logs) I might be checking the wrong ones?

I have 0 experience with wordpress as I started working on it 3 days ago and spent 2 fixing errors and it is deeply frustrating.
If someone could please help me guiding me step by step I would be very grateful

Pls read below…


Thank you for the answer.
I followed the step mentioned in the post but nothing has changed as I get the same error page

I received that error sometimes ago, what you need to do is to remove the installation from the script installer (softaculous) and reinstall the script there. Guess this should help.
Note- you might lose all your posts and backup


Thank you. I choose to go with that as I had only set up the theme.
It now works properly.
Hope it won’t happen again :sweat_smile:

You are always welcome. To update your WordPress version next time, make use of softaculous by enabling auto update.

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