My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I want to add my domain as addon domain in my third account.
But I am getting error ‘cricketdharma dot com is already assigned and in use.2’
I have already removed domain from my 2nd account. Also when I tried to deactivare account. It still showing that ‘cricketdharma dot com’ is assigned please remove to deactivate.
But domain is not showing in control panel. So I cant delete it.

What should I do as am not able to deactivate my second account. And am not able to park my domain on 3rd account.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Did You Use CloudFlare?


The oldest still active account on your profile has only one domain name assigned to it, which is this one. So if you want to assign it to your latest account, you’ll have to remove it from the other account first.

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Thats what I am saying . It showing that domain is assigned in ‘deactivate panel’ but in control panel domain is not assigned. Domain name is not in the list. How can I delete domain if its not there.

Check the Parked Domain in cPanel. Maybe you parked it there.

I can’t see if there’s a table or not.

Please add full page screenshots of both Addon and Parked domain page.

There is nothing more in ‘Parked Domain’ screenshot i provided above.
Same for this Screenshot too.

This is weird. Try to remove the nameservers from the Domain Name provider for sometime.

Your site is definitely connected to some hosting account because we don’t see DNS probe error. However, I can’t really see what is wrong here.

The domain has been removed from your account now.

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