Creation of domains not working: Your domain is not yet pointing to

Hello InfinityFree,
At this time, it seams that when trying to create a subdomain (or adding a custom domain), the message:

appears. Please wait for @Admin to respond or give an update on this situation.


EDIT1: It seams that you cannot add any domains or accounts right now, as this error shows even if you are trying to add a custom domain with the correct nameservers. Please wait for Admin for more information. Thanks!


same with me

i have the same problem

me too

#Me Too

Me too!!!

When wil t fix it?

I’m sorry about the delayed response, I didn’t see the reports before. I’m investigating this now.

Me too :((

the same problem and no solution.

Hello, Admin has released a topic specific for this error, I will try to post all updates here as well, but please visit the official topic for more info.

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Yay! It is fixed!

iFastNet has investigated the issue and deployed a fix, which appears to have worked! Account creation seems to be possible again.


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