Creating a new account with custom domain name (Freenom)

I am trying to create a new account and it says my domain is not pointing to your name servers. I have changed it a few days ago and even looked up the domain and checked their name servers. I even checked via Cloudflare and it seems to be changed. I still can’t make an account with that domain.

Your domain is not yet pointing to and Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

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Domain name? (Sorry for the late reply)

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there is no NS for this hosting - TEST is here

Sometimes Freenom have problem pushing the NS settings !

for all Freenom users here with problems (if nothing helps)

add ns

there are some online suggestions about freenom and DNS problems
( if problem are confirmed with some tools!!! ) to force Freenom DB to be updated/refreshed

the first is to go into freenom settings
and return to their default NS and wait 24h
then put the custom NS back and wait at least 30min-24h

the other is to delete the domain from their system and then add it again
after that config. custom NS and then wait at least 30min-24h


Thanks so much for the suggestion!


But instead of that domain you can always start by choosing one of the free subdomains, so that you can create an account

and then add the domain later


I deleted the domain and added it back seemed to work

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I don’t see you adding our NS yet
and be sure to wait at least 15 mins after that


I added the nameservers, then created an account with it. After that, I changed it to Cloudflare nameservers.

The website seems to be working now.


yeah …dir listing

don’t put the website in a subdirectory

You need to put the files directly on the root of htdocs and not in the subdir
and keep the existing files/folders structure but only without subdir if you want your website to be called only with domain address.

Remember to do purge all in the Cloudflare cache settings
after you upload the website

And if we are done with this problem please mark some post here as a solution


I was just experimenting thanks.


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