Created two accounts with same subdomain somehow

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: Two accounts pending creation with the same subdomain (the url above). I believe what caused this was the fact that I clicked the button that confirms the creation of an account twice because the form was taking a long time to submit after the first click. I have waited several minutes and neither account has been officially created yet. **

I’m using this software: N/A, InfinityFree website/hosting

Additional information:

The account creations getting stuck had to do with the outage of earlier today. Ever since the outage started, very few accounts were able to be set up.

The outage has been mostly resolved now, and the accounts previously requested have been set up.

So you have two active accounts now. While the protection against that could be better, only the account you created last has the domain. The other account is active, but doesn’t have any domains assigned to it right now.

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