Created databases don't show up, deleted upon leaving control panel


I’m a new user, and I’m currently attempting to set up a MySQL database. When I attempt to create one from the MySQL Databases page, one appears to be created (the counter increments), but I can’t see it in the DELETE Database dropdown:

On the phpMyAdmin page, it appears that the website believes there is a database present, but everything else about it is missing:

Upon clicking the Connect now! button, Firefox gives me the following error:

Upon closing the control panel and opening it again from the client area, any trace of the databases is gone and the database counter does not display a number.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this a website issue?

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Hm. That is odd, and a few others have reported similar issues. Can you try clearing your cache, and try with a different browser?

Thanks for your response.

It looks like this may be a Firefox issue. I was able to successfully create a database with Chrome. I was unable to do it with Firefox even after clearing my cache. Although, since Firefox is my primary browser, maybe it’s related to an add-on.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I’ll use Chrome for database changes for now.

Glad to hear its working!

It looks like there are larger issues here. I was able to create a database and add tables and records, but now something’s wrong. On Firefox or Chrome, the control panel is extremely slow to load, and phpMyAdmin is loading seemingly indefinitely. It also looks as though my database is gone, since the MySQL Databases counter is showing “/ Unlimited” with no left value.

Yes, that does seam to be happening now. Check this topic.


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