Create subdomain

Hello, is there any way to create a subdomain on the site by php?  Make forum and I want for each user

I want to make a forum and for each user to automatically created subdomain*

I’m not sure but it looks like you can’t do automated processing like that… also I think the amount of subdomains you can make is limited.

Actually it’s impossible on this hosting, you have wrong representation of such a system, I think it’s being realised with htaccess rewrite rule, but here this way isn’t possible to deploy due to the way folders and permission on ftp server has been set up.

Our panel does not have any kind of API to do things automatically, nor could we give PHP scripts access to the configuration files of the server.

Traditionally, you would do this with a wildcard subdomain, which would point all subdomains to a particular directory, after which you can use PHP code or .htaccess rules to show specific content. But that feature is not available with free hosting, so you need to move to premium hosting to do that.