Create CNAME and A records to add to Namesilo's DNS

Hello. I’m a bit new to all of this.

I transferred my domain registrar from IONOS to Namesilo. I want to create A and CNAME records (from Infinity) to add to my Namesilo’s DNS panel. In this way, I can use Namesilo to point my protonmail for mail and infinity for webhosting. (Infinity doesn’t offer DKIM and certain other records I need).

I am aware that I have to change the nameserver’s at least once to Infinity’s to verify ownership and wait until the changes take effect (I have done so), and then I can revert to Namesilo’s. But I find no way at all to create an A and CNAME record from IF to add to Namesilo’s DNS (except for SSL which is not what I want).

I hope this makes sense.


Ok, so you want to use NameSilo to manage your account’s DNS. That makes sense.

First, change your Nameservers to NameSilo (Since you said your account has already been created).

Next, In your NameSilo account, add these records.

NAME: IP address from

CONTENT: “www”
NAME: IP address from


I’m not sure, but I think this would make your website go to Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It worked! Amazing! Thanks


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