Create a URL shortener

Hello how can I create a URL shortener? Where is a WP plugin?

Can you please try googling “url shortener wp plugin” first?

Edit: This should also be in the “Hosting Support” category as you are looking for help.

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Pro tip: don’t create a URL shortener.

Or at least, one which only you can use. Spammers love URL shorteners so they can use your domain to hide their malicious links. If that happens, we’re still holding you responsible for what happens on your site.


You can try YOURLS.

It’s not a wordpress plug-in, but it’s still a really good shortener with very detailed statistics.

Make sure you do what Admin said, make it a private URL shortener, spammers can easily make short urls and will lead to your account getting permanently suspended.

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yourls is hard to use
try shrinky
i have a demo at
Shrinky - Free URL Shortener Script download |

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Ok thanks for the suggestion i will not create it

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