Create a subdomain for a free infinityfree subdomain


I am seeking assistance in creating a subdomain for my free InfinityFree subdomain. I was able to successfully create one in the past, but I am currently experiencing difficulties recreating the process.

The subdomain I created previously was “” using the free subdomain “” When selecting the subdomain option, I could see “” in the dropdown menu. However, I am unsure of the exact steps I took to accomplish this, and I am unable to replicate it now.

If anyone has knowledge of the process or can provide guidance on how to create a subdomain for a free InfinityFree subdomain, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


I am not sure if I understand your question 100% but you can create a subdomain for your free subdomain by going to the “Subdomains” option in the cPanel. You’ll be prompted an input and a select.

If you scroll all the way down in the drop-down you should see your free subdomain ( In there input, you can type the subdomain like “info” and that should create a subdomain being


:sweat_smile: Thanks for clarifying my question. And you are right-I did see the free subdomain ( at the end of the list before, which was also what I selected and created a new subdomain last time. The thing is now I cannot see it anymore after scrolling down till the end. It’s weird it’s gone no matter how many times I refresh the page or try to create another different subdomain.

But thank you again!

Did you by any chance remove the subdomain from your account?


it does look like no longer exists !