Create a new account with dynadot domain

i’m trying to create a new account on infinityfree but when i select custom domain it appears: your domain is not yet pointing to and Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.
How can i resolve this problem?

Did you do this?

If you want more assistance, please share your domain name.


Bro it literally tells you in the error what to do. You need to change the name servers to

After that wait a little bit then it should work. If you do not know how to change name-servers then check out your hosting’s documentation or search for a youtube tutorial on it.


I think this limitation applies


yeah it could possibly be a limitation

I checked your name servers and for most of the world it was unreachable, the few countrys it was I found that they were set to and

if youre unable to edit your name servers in the control panel supplied by them then you’ll have to switch to another domain name provider thats compatible

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