CPU usage limit

Hi Everyone!
Okay what are the CPU limits, my site got suspended for almost 6 hours just because of over usage of CPU limits, I don’t know what’s going on? I’m roughly receiving 1-2k hits on site hosted on that account. What’s the catch? What’s going on?, How can I avoid to use all CPU usage limit?
I’m using WordPress 4.9.2 and people’s pods, phpbb forums as well.

The exact limits are both complicated and confidential. We don’t make them public because we want you to stay within the limits, not to try and skirt them.

You can view how you are doing with your usage in the Account Statistics menu in your control panel. If you account is currently suspended, you should be able to login to the control panel and view the statistics anyways.

Optimizing your CPU usage may be possible, but it’s very specific to what you actually use the account for. General tips on optimizing CPU usage include:

  • Enable caching on your website or install a caching plugin.
  • Disable any unnecessary plugins and software.