Cpu Usage limit

my account got suspended because of reaching maximum cpu usage but what i did was only to open dashboard and it lagged hard and got suspended
how did it reach maximum cpu usage, without even doing a thing???

It really seems a problem on InfinityFree’s end, since the panel is owned by InfinityFree.

The CPU limit is how much processing power your site has (Ie: how much PHP it can run at once). If your site had a hard load, it could have quite easily spiked the CPU usage and suspended your site.


is it a daily limit like daily hits? or just a question whether it overloaded or not

Yeah, its a daily limit. It will reset every 24 hours.


But not necessarily at midnight

24 hours give or take about 20 minutes.

24 hours is 20 minutes? :open_mouth:

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:joy: no lol i meant it will be reactivated within 24 hours - 24 hours & 20 minutes because the system has to get around to activating your account


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