CPU limit

What time of day is the CPU reset? I am in Brazil, but when it is 00:00 here, it is not the same time in other places. So, what time globally does the CPU reset / the other day starts counting? I didn’t find it anywhere.

It’s 24hrs from the time of deactivation… You can check the time at which your website was deactivated from the deactivation history of your webpage account (Login to your account - InfinityFree)

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No haha, that’s not it. I’m asking what time the day changes on CPanel, and the CPU is reset. For me to be aware, if it is increasing a lot, and there are still 10 hours left to turn the day and reset the CPU, I could block the accesses for example, or if there was 1 hour left, I could be more relaxed. Understands?

Nos. I didn’t get you…

Are you asking what the system time of the server is?

In the article on CPU limits, it says that this number is reset to zero every day. But at what time is this number reset to zero?

The answer is unknown to prevent abuse (gaming the system)

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this may be incorrect, but I think that it is reset 24 hours after the first request

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