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Hello i am using wordpress and its my account suspended for 2 time i am sure about its because wordpress plugings my plugins are yoast seo, WP-optimize and wp fast cache qhich one should i remove?

I don’t know. Could you try to remove them one by one and see how it affects your CPU usage?

Here are some other recent discussions about CPU limits on WordPress sites. Maybe this helps you.


Thank you i will look at recent discussions i hope i will find a solution.

Yoast SEO is the culprit and not sure about WP-optimize. I have been using WP Fastest Cache and it hasn’t spiked to CPU Limit at all. The only issue is You need to Do SEO at the very End of your whole development of your website. If you are all ready to go. Please try using an alternative to Yoast SEO as it can Scan Pages which increases CPU Limit considerably while searching each and every code within pages.

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Web caching is available on WP-optimize and wp fast cache.
Make sure you do not turn on for both, which may caused cpu limit to be hit due to the preload function

which is the best for caching

If you have custom domain, the preference will be w3.
Reason for choosing w3 is because of the neat integration with CloudFlare.

should i delete wp-optimize and fast cache

Only if you are using w3…you do not want to hv 3 conflicting web caching plugins running at the same time


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