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URL: Http://vreletrica.epizy.com

Error Message: Your account was Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the CPU Limits .

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 8 hours from now.

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My site reached the CPU limit even without visitors in time of the event. Was it an (D)DoS attack? I don’t have antivirus installed, anything of protection, but a lot of php (WordPress) and WP Optimizer.
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This problem can be caused by a PHP Script, if it requires a lot of processing power. Every bit of PHP that executes uses Processing Power, and it doesn’t have to be caused by someone looking at your site. It can be caused by a request to your site to a file that has PHP which requires a lot of processing. Do not worry about this, it happens to everyone at someone. Your website as been deactivated to stop the site breaking the Servers. Once your site is reactivated in 8 hours time, your site will be fully operational again.

You can read the article about it here:

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From the quoted text, you snipped out the Learn More link which has all the details.

In short: we don’t know. We only track total CPU usage for your account, so we don’t know exactly what happened either.

But looking at the statistics of your account, I do see that the Daily Hits usage correlates quite well with the Daily CPU usage. So it would seem that traffic to your website is a big factor in why you hit the CPU limit.

Also, please note that the metric shown here is your Daily CPU Usage. It’s very well possible that at the time of suspension, there was almost no traffic on your site. But if the time before, there was a lot of traffic, and this traffic used up almost all your CPU allocation, then the little bit of traffic could just have put you over the limit.

In this specific case, your best bet is to look at your hits usage and see if you can reduce that. For example, if you have any chat or comment system which continuously checks for new messages in the background, that can generate both a lot of hits usage and CPU usage. Reducing the poll frequency on such systems, or removing them entirely, could do a lot to help prevent more suspensions.


Maybe you can consider this:

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Thank you. I will check my website and try to reduce the hits. I don’t have a chat system, just Leaflet Map, PageLayer, and some menu, form and user registration plugins. I will try to decrease my hits. I believe it must be because of the creation process, which must demand more. When the site is ready this problem should stop. Thankful.

Unfortunately my website is almost ready. I will have to maintain WordPress anyway. In the meantime, I will try a progressive migration using another “account” (can have 3 accounts). Integrating two sites as one (it should be enough to reduce, right? Thanks!

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