CPU Limit is Wrong!

Hello. I got my account suspended yesterday due to the CPU Limit. I saw the following chart in the cpanel when I logged in (in my suspension period).

And when my account’s suspension is lifted I went to the statistics in cpanel. But in the CPU Chart, I saw the exact chart above but with a higher limit!

Please Fix This!!!

EDIT: PS: I think that the average usage line in the above chart is the real limit!

Hi there,

The information and stats there are not live and will be refreshed or updated at the end of the day.

No, I meant that the same chart having two limits! 1 wrong, 1 real!

Interesting, the graphs are indeed different. I’m going to check this with iFastNet, because it would seem that at least one of the graphs is wrong.

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Thanks, @Admin.
I don’t know if the other charts are wrong because the only type of suspension I recieved is exceeding CPU Limit! I just started using InfinityFree a month ago. Thanks for the great service anyway!!

Th charts have been fixed now and should be the same for active and suspended accounts.


Thanks, @Admin

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