Cpanel under maintenance

my username: epiz_28649418

Error Message

maintenance is underway on your server you will see your site offline until the work has completed
getting this on cpanel page from last 2 days.

When this can be resolved ? or How can I resolve this?
Please help/guide me.

Have you read the pinned topics? Please don’t create new topics on this. All is explained in the pinned one.

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Can you please share those which solve my problem I am not able to find the solution
Also, I am not able to access File Manager and FTP server. please help me.

This is an ongoing internal error. You need to have patience.

From the pinned outage announcement

So, I am confused… create new topic? don’t? what’s the ediquite here when @Admin says:

and yet, it’s not fixed for a specific website.

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No, you haven’t. The maintenance only started yesterday and the notice was put up today. Please don’t make up numbers to get attention.

It will be resolved when the maintenance is resolved. We don’t know exactly when that will be.

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@Admin … I do not know what time zone you’re in, but in CST, the notice was put up yesterday or maybe before, I can’t confirm before … See my tweet from yesterday below:

Given the time of my tweet (8:31am CST), you’d really need to know the time zone that @yashgoyal1097 resides in to say it hasn’t been 2 days since its been at least 29 hours, and … 29 hours can span over 2 days.

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